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Welcome to our Instructional & Miscellaneous Video section.

On this page, we've got videos of some of our most popular tips for a chance for you to almost see in person what we're trying to show you!

We also have a few of our "don't have a home" videos here of Bob on vacation.

If you have some suggestions of videos that you might like to see in this area, please drop us a note and we'll see what we can find for you!

These videos might help you in your fishing ... perhaps one day we'll add the one that shows you how to make a dink float out of a Jack in the Box antenna ball.

Steelhead Rag video!

Making a Rag

By request of many of the site's visitors, here's a video showing how to make and rig one start to finish. Long video (approx three minutes), so the file sizes are large. Sorry! But for those wanting to know, we think you'll find the wait to be worth it!

The Blood Knot

One of the most useful knots for both conventional tackle angling and flyfishing. Here's the knot from start to finish. You can also find a pictorial instruction description in the tips section.

Leaper on the fly

After hiding in a closet corner for a few years, we recently found this tape with footage of one of the best leaping steelies we've hooked either on gear or a fly. Not a terribly close-up video, but you do get to watch 8 separate jumps by this wily fish.

steelhead fishing video

Dumb and Dumber

We're still not sure which refers to Bob, and which to the fish. This video could also be put into a category called "What NOT to do".

Going back more than a few years to his first attempts at landing a steelie on a fly rod, Bob tries desperately to free an unseen steelie from a log on the far side of a small slot ... this is one of those humbling videos of a fishing career and is indicative of the determination that rests in the souls of many of us who chase after these often too-elusive anadromous trout with the bugrod. One size only due to 4 1/2 minute length ... please don't laugh too hard at Bob ... remember, we've probably all been there at one time or another! Great commentary my our long-time fishing pal, Art!

Instructional video on tying the egg loop.

The Egg Loop

A brief instructional video on how to tie the bumper knot or egg loop ... a standard part of any conventional tackle salmon or steelhead angler. You can also find a detailed step-by-step overview of the tying process in the tips section.

The Sardine Wrap

Another instructional video, this clip shows you how to properly prepare a sardine fillet and attach it to a kwikfish for one of the best salmon lures around! A pictorial description of the procedure can also be found in our tips section.


No video pic available

What would you do for a salmon?

This is one one of those video clips that got passed around via email a couple of years ago. I think just about every customer that we've ever fished sent us a copy of it. Pretty funny video, but apparently the company that made this got in hot water for importing an entire salmon into the country (We believe it was England), a big NO-NO! And no, don't expect to have to do this on your trip to Alaska!

We plan on shooting a little more this winter and perhaps we'll dig some older ones to transfer over as well!

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