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Fall salmon fishing on Washington's Olympic Peninsula offers anglers an equal chance at catching either Chinook ( King ) and ( Coho ) salmon throughout most of the season; although Coho usually are more prevalent in the catches by the last week or two of the season.

Our trips for fall salmon start early, as positioning on the river can be important under some water conditions.

Olympic Peninsula, Washington silver salmon. Washington salmon fishing guides and charters near Seattle.

This pic goes back a ways! Jim with a nice OP Silver Salmon!

Usually, we'll meet around 4:30 AM at a local restaurant for breakfast, or if you're staying at one of the local B&B's, we'll meet you there in the morning.

We fish the five major Forks area rivers for fall salmon: the Quillayute, Bogachiel, Calawah, Sol Duc, and the Hoh. Although we prefer the Hoh and Sol Duc for fall salmon fishing, the river we choose to fish will depend upon rainfall and fishing pressure.

We fully expect limit catches throughout our Washington fall salmon season, although many anglers choose to let their fish go ... you decide!

If fishing catch-and-release, we'll usually fish until around 2:30 PM. If fishing catch-and-keep, we'll fish until we limit out, or we run out of fishing water in a given drift (again, somewhere around 2:30 PM or so).

Doubleheader on the Hoh ... Forks, Washington salmon fishing guides. Fishing near Seattle. Seattle fishing guides

Doubleheaders always make life interesting!

The Quillayute system limit is four salmon daily ... with any combination of kings and / or silver salmon for the first two, the third & fourth must be a clipped (hatchery) coho (some years, clipped-fish requirements may expand). Limits are generally two per person in the Hoh drainage. As a rule, the silvers provide better table fare than the kings.

Water levels also play an important role in how we fish. Under normal to high water flows, we will backtroll the majority of the time ... tossing hardware or a few other 'secret lures' is often our method of choice under lower water flows. If you would prefer to fish a particular style, just let us know, we'll be happy to accommodate your wishes.

Weather in the fall on the Olympic Peninsula is very unpredictable. While we rarely encounter any 'cold' days, you never know what to expect on an Olympic Peninsula day until you step outside: one day can be 80 degrees and sunny, only to be followed by a 50 degree day with four inches of rain.

Plan on dressing in layers, and as any Washington angler knows all too well ... ALWAYS bring rain gear!

At the end of your day of fishing, we'll be happy to fillet and sack up your catch for transport home!

Quillayute River, Washington fall salmon fishing guides

Fred Moore on one of those special days!


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