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- Alaska Fishing Regulations: you can check our Regulations Page for basic info, check the ADF&G site for detailed information.

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- When to come to Alaska: a whole page full of run timing charts for Kenai Peninsula fisheries.

Hawk gets his "dream fish"!Okay, you've booked or are thinking about booking your trip with us, you're asking yourself: what are all the logistics involved? Anything that I need to know?

While most of this information is found within pages on the site, we've complied a list of things that people seem to frequently miss and ask us about. This is our page focusing on such questions, call it a FAQ page regarding our Alaska fishing. These are the things you need to know about planning your trip and what to expect:

  • Getting There ... First off, you have to get to Alaska if you're not already there. Generally, your first step is get to Anchorage (a number of major airlines fly in to Anchorage). From there, the Kenai / Soldotna area is about 150 miles south. Guests rent a car in Anchorage and drive down the Sterling Highway, or catch a commuter flight to Kenai and rent a car there. Most guests choose to make the drive as the scenery is breathtaking and is often listed in lists of the Nation's Top Ten Scenic Highways.

 Check our Alaska travel Page for more detailed information.

  • Lodging ... You can opt to stay with us, or make your lodging arrangements - as always, you get to choose!

You can visit our Alaska Accommodations Page to check out what we have to offer. There are literally hundreds of places to stay on the Kenai Peninsula ... if we don't offer what you're looking for, just tell us what you'd like and we'll get you fixed up! 

  • Razor Clamming at its finest!Meals ... For all intents and purposes, our packages do not include meals (although customers choosing to stay at some of the local B&B's will have breakfast served). 

Most of our customers choose to dine out. There are nearly fifty restaurants in the Kenai / Soldotna area. Ranging from most major fast-food operations to some of the the best steaks & seafood you'll find! We're always happy to provide you with a list of recommendations based upon your dining preferences / requirements.

Some guests choose to cook some of their own meals (fresh salmon or halibut is hard to beat!) when staying at cabins with kitchens. Let your guide or captain know and he / she will be happy to send a nice fillet back to your cabin with before taking your fish in for processing.

  • Fishing Licenses ... Easy to obtain! There are a number of local tackle shops and variety stores that sell licenses, even all of the local 2Go Marts (Alaska's version of a 7-11) sell them, most 24 hours a day. They may also be obtained online at: 

For more information on licenses, check out our Alaska licenses and regulations page.

  • Jordan weighs 40 pounds, his fish 41!!!Fish Processing ... Some people, especially our Anchorage clientele, choose to do their own processing, in which case we will be happy to fillet your fish for you at no charge after your trip. Many of our lodging facilities have freezer space on-site.

Most people, however, choose to have their fish commercially processed. We do not include processing charges into our packages . This way, you pay for only what you choose to take home (there is a growing trend to let more and more of the fish go) and you'll have full freedom to choose how your fish will be processed. Take as little or as much as you like home with you.

Processing options range from standard vacuum-packing and freezing to many varieties of smoked salmon or halibut, or even canned! Processed fish can either be packaged to take home on the airplane with you, or can be sent to you after you get home ... you choose! Beware of operations / lodges that include processing and then "pool" your fish. We only work with processors that give you back YOUR fish.

  • What time do trips start? ... This varies by the trip. Many of the fisheries are influenced by the area's famous large tides swings (30-40 feet change at times) and fishing times are based upon the ever-changing time of these tides. Since the timing of these tides vary by locale, some trips may start very early in the morning, some might depart as late as mid-afternoon. Being flexible is the key to success!

  • How long are the trips? ... Trips lengths also vary based upon a number of factors. As a general rule, this is what you can expect: halibut trips generally around 8 hours - sometimes longer when tides are favorable and weather conditions allow long runs, shorter if good bite produces good early limits or tide swings "shorten fishing window"; Kasilof River king trips are normally 8-10 hours, silver Gotcha!!salmon trips usually 6 hours (or earlier if limit is reached as silvers do not fare well in catch-and-release fisheries); Kenai king trips are dictated by state-mandated fishing times of 6 AM to 6 PM and half-day trips are no more than 6 hours due to these restrictions, full days are available which are 12 hour days here, silver trips are similar to Kasilof trips (state law requires cessation of fishing on the Kenai after retaining your limit); Upper Kenai rainbow trips are normally 8 hours, Seward combo trips are 8-10 hours in length; fly-outs vary by locale and trip type, but are usually 6-8 hours in length for basic fly-out options.

  • Equipment ... On all of the trips, all necessary bait and tackle is provided at no charge. Simply bring appropriate clothing, your fishing license, any food or drink you wish to have (alcoholic beverages are okay), and the desire to have some fun and catch some fish!

  • Clothing ... expect just about anything in the Alaska summer. We recommend dressing in layers, and raingear is a VERY good idea. Usually the high temperatures are in the 55-65 degree range, although sometimes in early or late season, it can be at or below freezing early in the morning!

Boarding the plane on the way to Wolverine Creek.On the other hand, it can be 80 degrees or more on some of the warm afternoons. So layering is key. Waterproof footwear is recommended, although not necessary. Many people buy an inexpensive pair of knee high rubber boots, they work great! If you're bringing along some waders or hip boots to wear if you're doing some fishing on your own, they are fine too and will also double as raingear for your bottom half!

  • Bugs ... Alaska's famous for them! Fortunately, our trips are not! Actually, on most trips on the Kenai Peninsula (unlike many of the inland locales) they are not much of a problem. The Kenai and Kasilof trips see just a few of them 'skeeters! We occasionally run into gnats in July, but not too many of the bird-sized blood-thirsty critters that you've probably seen a depiction of on a postcard. The fly-outs will expose you to a few more bugs, but usually nothing that requires bug netting or the like. We usually keep some repellant on board for those drizzly, calm days where we can see a few bugs.

  • Payment ... Ahh, the important things in life! A 50% down payment is required to reserve your dates. We accept cash, checks, all major credit cards and are also happy to set up corporate accounts. The balance of your trip payment is due when you arrive and any applicable taxes are added to the total at that time. When you book your trips, we'll send out a packet in the spring (or immediately if you're a late booking) with all the information you'll need to make your trip an angling experience that you'll cherish forever!


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