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Alaska razor clams!The Kenai Peninsula of Alaska is perhaps the most famous salmon fishing locale in the world. However, salmon fishing is not the only draw of this spectacular area. Along the beaches of the western side of the peninsula, another popular activity is becoming popular with visitors to the Kenai Peninsula ... razor clamming.

A little smaller than a dollar bill, and roughly an inch and a half thick, razor clams (often referred to as simply 'razors') are amongst the most highly cherished of all Pacific seafood (even in the areas they come from, razor clam steaks sell for around $9-$12 per pound). The beaches from just north of Homer to the Kasilof River mouth are home to one of only eight major concentrations of razors on the entire Pacific Coast ... although they can be found scattered from Pismo Beach, California to the Bering Sea.

Now that is a load of razors!Digging razors has always been a favorite pastime of ours, but not a regular trip. A few years ago, per special request, we took some of our clients razor clamming after a 'half-day' salmon fishing trip on the Kasilof as part of a 'full-day' trip ... and the reviews were fantastic! As a result, we have since offered 'razor clam / salmon fishing' combination trips, as well as 'clamming-only' trips to our clients.

Diggers are allowed 60 clams per person, roughly enough for two to three meals for four people. Digging days are limited, with low tides generally needing to be lower than -2.0 for good digging, although a few beaches provide decent digging on lows as high as 0.0 ... you The 'double-dipping trip' Kasilof River salmon fishing followed (or sometimes preceeded) by razor clammingcan check our clamming tide table for dates of diggable tides.

We have scouted the beaches of the Inlet in order to find those areas that provide the three things that clammers generally look for: ease of digging, clam size, and concentration ....  just as we fish different areas of the rivers on different height high tides, we select different beaches depending upon tide height, and surf activity.

Four-wheel drive is mandatory for beach driving. Buckets and clam shovels or a clam 'tubes' or 'guns' are needed for digging ... we provide all of the above to those wishing to go digging, as well as plenty of help finding the clam 'shows' and teaching you how to properly dig in order not to break the delicate shell. 

Experienced clammers know that there is only one part of razor clamming that isn't fun, and that's cleaning them! But no worries! Our clamming trips include cleaning and packaging of your clams, they're ready to be sent home for that big clam fry!


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