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Because the Kasilof River is not subject to guided trip time restrictions like the Kenai, our start and finish times vary. 

Since this is primarily a tidewater fishery, we generally try to set our start times to take full advantage of the fresh shots of fish that ascend the river with each tide.

Bull moose along Alaska's Kasilof River

You never know who might be watching!

During king season, when guides are limited to one trip daily and we're typically running full day trips, we vary our times based upon the tides. Sometimes, the start times are very early and we fish into the early afternoon ... other times, we'll start in the afternoon and fish into the evening.

If you prefer to have your trips fall into a specific time span, please let us know and we'll be happy to accommodate your request!

During silver season when we typically run two trips daily, the first begins early in the morning and the second trip is based upon the afternoon high tide.

Bob's Barge ... 20 foot Wildhair driftbaot on the Kasilof River

Off to our next fishing spot!

Although our full-day trip is advertised as an eight to ten hour trip ... if fishing happens to be slow (yes, this actually can happen from time to time, even in Alaska!) don't be surprised if we spend a little extra time trying to make sure everyone gets their fish.

The summer weather of Alaska's Kenai Peninsula can be unpredictable. Typically the temperatures at the morning start time are in the forties or lower fifties, although in May or August, it isn't unusual to see overnight temps in the thirties. Mid-day temperatures generally range from the high fifties to the upper sixties.

Maybe we'll teach you how to row!

Rowing Lessons are included at no charge!

Clouds and some rain are not unusual, but rarely are precipitation amounts heavy. It is a good idea to dress in layers and be prepared for moisture. Although not necessary, waterproof footwear, such as ankle or knee boots, is recommended.
Be sure to bring your camera, we see moose, eagles, or beaver along the river nearly every trip. Less common sightings include Sandhill cranes, seals, black and brown bears, and a few coyotes. And you can't forget about posing with your catch!

Pose for our picture of the day on our website

Say cheese!

You might even find yourself as our 'Picture of the Day' on our Fishing Reports Page! Your friends and family can see you and your catch before you get home!

At the completion of your trip, we're happy to butterfly-style fillet (no rib bones, belly meat on, both fillets attached) your fish for those doing their own processing or we'll transport them to a processing facility for you if you wish to have them professionally vacuum-sealed or smoked.


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