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Kings don't provide the only excitement on the Kenai! Beginning around the second week of July, huge numbers of late-run sockeye return to the Kenai. In most years, over 750,000 sockeye make it back into the Kenai, some years, that number exceeds one million! This huge run provides the basis for the largest recreational sockeye fishery in Alaska!

While this fishery is one that many anglers choose to try on their own, more and more anglers are choosing to partake a guided trip for these richly fleshed, speed demons that average about eight pounds and often run into the low teens.

Doing the 'sockeye flip'

Flippin' for reds!

With the increasing popularity of the fishery in recent years, many large stretches of the Kenai shoreline have been closed to fishing due to erosion concerns ... as a result, anglers without access to private boardwalks or docks have been forced into a few public access areas ... creating a new meaning of 'combat fishing' in some areas. Traveling by boat to some open bank areas, our charters are designed to allow you to enjoy this fast-paced fishery working some of the best waters in relative solitude. New to the game, we can take a day to teach you what has become known as 'the sockeye flip', the shortlining method utilized to catch them.

Sockeye fishing charters usually begin in the second week of July and run through about the end of the first week of August ... although in some years, the fishing has remained very good through the end of the third week.

In early August, the silvers begin returning to the Kenai. Many anglers choose to fish the Kenai for silvers during this time when the river is a little quieter than the busy king and sockeye season. This is especially true in even-numbered years when millions of pink salmon flood into the Kenai; with both species present, there is loads of action!

Leapin' sockeye salmon!

Both silvers & reds love to go airborne!

August silvers run about the same size in the Kenai and Kasilof, with most fish around ten pounds and fish in the low teens not at all unusual. Feisty and acrobatic, silvers also make great table fare ... offering a firm, mild flesh.

Most of our silver fishing on the Kenai takes place in the lower river near tidewater backbouncing eggs, although anglers have the opportunity to fish hardware in the middle and upper river at times when there are decent numbers of fish present in these stretches.

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