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Diagram of the Menu System

We've broken the site into a number of sections of related material. The white bar at the top of each page can be viewed as a 'Where am I?' chart.

Your current location will be broken down by your relationship to our homepage. Another image below shows how this system works:

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Below is an outline of our website with a description of each page and a link to that page if you are having difficulty finding a page of particular topic. Again, please let us know if you experience any difficulties!!!

Site Hierarchy of Piscatorial Pursuits

  • Home (our front introduction page)

  • Alaska Fishing (salmon, halibut, and trout fishing and related Alaska info)

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  • Zipperlip River '97 Vacation Photos

  • Zipperlip River '98 Vacation Photos & Fishing Journal

  • Zipperlip River '99 Vacation Photos & Fishing Journal

  • Zipperlip River 2000 Vacation Photos and Fishing Journal

  • Zipperlip River 2001 Vacation Photos and Fishing Journal


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